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The Running Hard Blog Tour: author Q&A

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I recently met Steve Chilton at one of his book talks (at the Snowdon International Race this year), and fell into conversation with him as we were staying at the same hotel. This has developed into a (mostly social media) friendship since then. So, recently I got a chance to have a chat with him about his own running and also writing the book, Running Hard: the story of a rivalry. Before I could ask him any questions though he threw a few at me, which I enjoyed answering:
Cal, when did you start fell running and who encouraged you to give the sport a go?
I did some fell races when I was very young, I have results from Woodentops quarry runs from 1997 & 1998, but, I have a results sheet from Shooters fell race in 1995, so I was either 4 or 5! I then basically played football 6 to 7 days a week along with a bit of rugby union until I was about 24. My fell running return, I suppose, was the David Staff mem…

Fell Running Q & A with Limitless Pursuits

I recently received a message from the team at Limitless Pursuits, a website dedicated to delivering stories of men and women from around the world who show great spirit and strength to achieve things they never thought would be possible.  Sounded good to me!  They asked if they could interview me in the form of a Q and A.  I'd never answered one myself before but once I saw the questions I was immediately intrigued and went ahead.  I've copied the conversation below with the images used on their website.  The link to the official posting is here;
The interview took place in September 2017 and was published in October 2017.
Traversing Lords Rake, Lake District, while supporting a Bob Graham Round attempt (pic by Ross Spalding)
CALVIN JAKE FERGUSON took part in some fell running when he was just five years old, back in 1995.  He played and compe…

Science in Sport - Overnight Protein & Caffeine Shots - Fuelled by Science

Science in Sport.  Science in general.  A very interesting subject that helps us to get to grips with the human body, how it works, how it performs and why it does what it does in given situations.  In recent years, science has become integral in sport performance, especially at an elite and professional level.  Marginal gains.  Something you may have heard of.  It's basically the art of doing lots of little things that will add up to bettering yourself.
In 1992, Science in Sport was founded in London.  SiS, as they are known, are now one of the worlds leading sports nutrition brands.  They have a manufacturing facility in Nelson, Lancashire (wonderful county!) and they currently have three main product ranges; SiS GO, SiS REGO and PROTEIN.
The Caffeine shots are under the SiS GO bracket, while the overnight protein, as you might have guessed, is under the PROTEIN product range.
First of all, protein.  I've tried the odd protein supplement in the past, many years ago, they…

Nine Standards fell race - 2017

The Nine Standards Rigg.  A unique set up on the summit of Hartley fell near the boundary between Cumbria and North Yorkshire, just a few miles from Kirkby Stephen, which is where the race starts from.  The race is always on New Years Day and from my own knowledge, has always been the same 8 mile course.

Nine Standards - 9 cairns atop of Hartley fell (photo credit Kreuzschnabel, Wikipedia)
In it's 28th year, after being established in 1989, the race records are held by Carl Bell, 51:44 in 2013 and Victoria Wilkinson, 58:48 in 2016 and the race is currently organised by Howgill Harriers.
It is a race I've wanted to do since I began fell running around 2 years ago after hearing about it so fondly from both my Grandad & Uncle.  I didn't really have it planned in my race calendar as my lack of driving license doesn't give me the most flexible of options, especially on New Years Day, but, I got a text from Bill Beckett on New Years Eve, asking if I fancied another race,…