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More Injuries & Finally Some Progression - 11th August 2013

Another Injury & My New Journey Begins
After not posting for 3 weeks or so, I today decided to blog, just because I've got a few bits of news and also tomorrow my Physiotherapy journey, kind of, officially begins really.
More injuries you might be thinking.  Since my last post on July 17th, I managed to run 13.4 miles on my long Monday run which I was very proud to do.  I went my usual long route and ventured down a few unknown paths to add the extra mileage which eventually took me over the half marathon mark.  I've done quite a lot of running in my life to say I'm 23 and not a professional long distance runner or until 3/4 months ago, I hadn't concentrated on long distance running since I was really young, maybe about 8 years old when I actually ran as a hobby in competitive races and casually or as practice with my Grandad around the Darwen moors.

As you can see, I ran more than the half marathon distance (13.1 miles) so my aim to run that distance in under 2 ho…