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Old Trafford & More Knee News - 29th May 2013

Old Trafford & PPS
As the regular readers will know, or if you saw my last blog post, me & 14 friends played on Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United on Monday, as part of a competition prize that I won last week.  As a football fan, albeit a Liverpool one, I cannot describe how amazing the experience was playing on the pitch at Old Trafford.  As much as I detest Manchester United, you cannot hide away from the fact that the facilities and size of the stadium are unbelievable.  I have been to Old Trafford on various occasions before, although that was to watch football and not play but until you are down on the pitch, you cannot appreciate the high standard of stadium that Manchester United really have.
Tom, Me & Ryan taking it all in after the games
I found myself, on several occasions, just standing and looking up and around into the stands in awe at the size of the place.  Imagining what it would be like to play there in front of 75,000 people, what a feeling that …

The Theatre of Dreams awaits - 22nd May 2013

Old Trafford On The Horizon
From reading the title, some of you may be wondering why I would even mention Old Trafford, never mind title a blog post about it!  Maybe once I would have done when Wembley was being rebuilt and I have visited a few times, albeit not in the United end.  But yesterday I won a competition (yes, another one!) to play on Old Trafford with the lads from my football team.
I was as surprised as anyone that I won, I even honestly forgot I had entered the competition, but even now, nearly 24 hours on, I'm still pretty much in shock.  Why you may be thinking?  Well, for anyone who knows me, there is no doubting how much passion I have for Liverpool FC and football in general, so the opportunity to play on Old Trafford, Britain's 2nd largest stadium, is one that I can't pass up, well, I don't think anyone can, even my Dad's playing!
All the fitness training and everything that goes with it has indeed come in very handy for this unexpected opportun…

Fitness Progress - 9th May 2013

Self Development Over Time
For the people who have followed my blog from the start, or at least the early stages, you may remember I mentioned that it would at some point turn towards a fitness based and physical orientated blog rather than dwindling on the story of my knee injury.
In the previous post I featured my fun run with Robbie Savage, something I obviously didn't get long to "train" for but fortunately I had been running 5K+ twice or three times a week for 2/3 weeks prior to the race, as well as my usual football training and 5-a-side games so my fitness wasn't too bad really.
I have also been hoping that my quad muscles would redevelop due to the distance I have been running.  As I have previously mentioned, it can take up to two years post-op and post-recovery for the quad muscle to redevelop to it's pre-injury condition, or at least to something alike.  I have recently photographed them in order to see for myself the development and improvement they h…