The Theatre of Dreams awaits - 22nd May 2013

Old Trafford On The Horizon

From reading the title, some of you may be wondering why I would even mention Old Trafford, never mind title a blog post about it!  Maybe once I would have done when Wembley was being rebuilt and I have visited a few times, albeit not in the United end.  But yesterday I won a competition (yes, another one!) to play on Old Trafford with the lads from my football team.

I was as surprised as anyone that I won, I even honestly forgot I had entered the competition, but even now, nearly 24 hours on, I'm still pretty much in shock.  Why you may be thinking?  Well, for anyone who knows me, there is no doubting how much passion I have for Liverpool FC and football in general, so the opportunity to play on Old Trafford, Britain's 2nd largest stadium, is one that I can't pass up, well, I don't think anyone can, even my Dad's playing!

All the fitness training and everything that goes with it has indeed come in very handy for this unexpected opportunity!  Obviously choosing 14 people has been a difficult task, I've felt like a football agent for the past day or so, having to sort out numbers, making sure people are 100% confirmed, sorting out kick sizes and keeping everybody up to date with all the event information as I get it myself.

Old Trafford.  Graced By Many A Legend & Soon To Be Me!

Everybody I have asked/told so far has reacted the same.  Even my Dad, aged 51 now, can't contain his excitement.  It's just something about men & football and the memories,images and matches that Old Trafford has brought down the years, it seems to have turned everyone into a child like excitement mode, including myself!

I've even ordered a new pair of boots, with my initials on, in hope that they'll arrive prior to Monday morning although I'm not too sure they will but I thought I may as well try, maybe I'm due some more good luck? Who knows!

The New Additions, Complete With CJF Embroidery!

In other, more blog related news, on Monday I again broke my record time for my fastest mile since I started recording my times on Runkeeper (early in April).  I ran a 6 minute 31 second mile which beat my previous best by 7 seconds.  I aim to go sub 6:30 by this time next week, if not by Friday and obviously I don't want to set a limit on my quickest time but sub 6 minutes at some point would be my overall goal, if possible.

My next post will more than likely be Tuesday or Wednesday next week after the events at Old Trafford and it will probably be a more image based blog, as you can imagine, quite a few pictures are going to be taken throughout the day, along with meeting and being managed by Bryan Robson & Andy Cole!

Finally, I would like to thank everybody who has followed the blog, even if this is the first time you're reading it.  Yesterday I reached over 3,000 views which is far more than I ever expected and imagined when I began writing and without people reading it continuously I wouldn't still be writing it today :)


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