Asics Gel-Glorify review

So, I have managed to give the Gel-Glorify's a decent run out, 23.5 miles to be exact!  Covering a few miles under marathon distance, running 3 runs in them since receiving them from the guys at The Running Bug on Tuesday morning!  I've kept a close eye on how they run, how I feel when running in them and if the feel good factor wasn't just the brand new shoe feel (you regular runners will know what I get new shoes and you want to run miles & miles in them, then maybe after 8-10 miles you want to sit down again, ha!)

Above are my 3 runs that I have ran so far in the Gel-Glorify shoes (Top to bottom; Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday).  Most of this won't really mean anything to anybody else apart from myself but to feel comfortable running those distances in brand new shoes is a great feature and Asics should be applauded for that!  As soon as I put them on, they just felt like I had worn them in for a few weeks, that's how comfortable they are!

Tomorrow is my rest day so I won't be running at all as I have 3 races at weekend, with potentially a Parkrun too.  I have tried out all the pieces of kit I have been given, apart from the 33's for speed, but, I plan to give these several run out's next week with some shorter more speedy runs planned.

Don't you just love shiny new shoes!

Along with the Glorify's, I have, as mentioned, tested out the other parts of the kit.  The socks are my particular favourite so far.  They offer so much comfort and all the added "padding" is in the perfect place, making them near perfect for road running in particular.  Personally I have never invested in white running socks, simply for the fact that most of my racing and training is based off road (on the moors and fells) so it wouldn't make sense to invest in white socks as I'd be looking at investing in a new pair for each race, basically!  But, saying that, if you are looking for road socks, or trainers socks in general (gym use etc) I would look no further than these, they are brilliant and you really don't want to take them off, to be honest!!

 Most comfortable socks to date, Asics, you nailed it

I did don the full Asics outfit on Tuesday night for a club run too.  Felt like an excited child on Christmas morning when the parcel arrived and I spread the word with the guys and girls at Darwen Dashers.  I think a few took a liking to the shiny shoes and many are already fans of Asics in the running world anyway!

Had to get a snap of myself sporting the full kit, with the obligatory Darwen Dashers neck warmer, it's not the warmest in these parts, even in Summer, to be honest!  The reflective patches and lettering definitely work as well, don't you think?

If anybody wants to quiz me on any of the gear or anything running in general, you can get in touch through the normal social media.  Either from the links below or the small tabs towards the top right of the page (new addition!)

I'll be back sometime over the next few days with more information on the kit and my running...and remember, mix up your run people!!

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