Asics Gel-Indicate review

After doing some previous product reviews in the past for The Running Bug, Asics and Intersport UK, they very kindly asked me to test out some more kit, starting with the new Gel Indicate shoes.

As most of you runners will agree, you can't beat a fresh pair of running shoes so I was excited to receive the email regarding the new kit.  My road miles have been pretty minimal over the past few months as the fell season hits it's boom over the summer with more races than even I can manage to keep up with, and I'm up to 50 for the season at the minute after running at Whittle Pike on Wednesday night.  But, saying that, what better reason to get myself on the road more than new shoes?!  I don't think there is a better reason!

Anyhow, I received my Gel Indicate's in the post a couple of weeks ago and I have got myself used to them now, doing a decent amount of miles, although not as many as I'd have liked due to a hamstring twinge I had over the past 5 or 6 days.

the very nice looking Asics Gel Indicate's

As you can see, they are very blue, which I love.  A great colour combination, although I never choose my shoes off their colour, but, this is definitely a design I would sway towards.  Obviously performance and comfort are usually the main aspects you analyse when looking at a running shoe, especially if you are using them for long runs, like I mainly will be doing with these.

I got the usual size, a size 10, fit is standard and they aren't tight/narrow/uncomfortable in any way at all.  Like with all my Asics shoes in the past, they feel great and really help you to feel at ease on the roads.  Some other brands really haven't hit it off when I've tried their road shoes but I think, apart from 1 pair of racers, all my road shoes are now Asics.  You simply can't beat them!

Like with many running shoes, there is a women's shoe available in a very fetching pink and they are an Intersport UK exclusive, so you won't find them anywhere else!

both men & women's colour ways available - very smart indeed!

As above, you can suit yourself with the colours, but I'm glad I received the blue ones ;-)

In terms of comfort, they are great.  I am always slightly dubious when trying out new models, even from my trusted brands but they seemed great from the start.  I've done road miles and also used them on the track too, effective on both!  They offer superb support through the gel cushioning system and it feels like the perfect amount of energy return / bounce back in your stride when running, just what you need over the longer runs.

Overall, the Gel Indicate, I feel, is a great in between running shoe.  By this I mean that I usually use a very flat, lightweight and minimal shoe for racing but I definitely feel comfortable and confident enough in these to use them as both a racer and a trainer, particularly due to their all round, lightweight feel.  I'm looking forward to giving them another workout in the next few weeks and months, heading towards my increased mileage for the Full Tour of Pendle in November.

Don't forget to keep in touch via the #PoundTheRoad hashtag on social media and remember;

 Pound the road, not your feet!

Below are a few pictures of Gel Indicate's in the flesh and some more angles of the shoe itself.  As I mentioned earlier, they are an InterSport UK exclusive so if you're interested, check them out in stores - you can use to find your nearest store or you can always tweet me on @CalFerguson , if you want any more information :-)

 a great, sturdy grip with plenty of support & cushion

also lightweight enough to use for a pyramid track session

...they even look smart enough to wear as a casual shoe too!


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