Asics Gel-Luminus review

Following on from my last review, on the Gel-Indicate's, I've also been asked to do some testing of the Asics Gel-Luminus.  They are the 2nd tier of shoe in the structured cushioning section of the Asics road shoe spectrum, only slightly behind the Gel-Kayano.  Again the Gel-Luminus (as with the Gel-Glorify and Gel-Indicate), are InterSport UK exclusives (links at the bottom of the blog!!!)

There are other shoes below the Luminus too but if you are looking for a top quality shoe for long distance running, the Luminus is definitely up there and as with competition in a race, you'd settle for a place in the top 2, wouldn't you?!

With other brands taking the front in terms of advertising, I feel that Asics are wrongly overlooked by a lot of runners these days, particularly on the road circuit.  People tend to look at the price rather than the quality, which in some cases is fair enough!  But, if you genuinely have the funds to be able to afford a much better quality shoe, then I would opt for the Gel-Luminus, hands down.

Sometimes I do have doubts when shoes are purpose built for long distance running (by long distance in this instance, I mean half marathons and more...).  They have previously been chunky, heavy and make you feel more tired than you are, rather than giving that bounce back feel that we all look for, to provide a spring in your step when your tiring muscles can no longer do that.

Saying that, I have also ran short recovery runs in the Gel-Luminus and found them great.  People usually look for a light shoe for short distance but these are not heavy, they are far from it.  The absolute stand out feature I thought was the ability to absorb the power of your landing while running.  It became noticeable within a couple of miles and just makes you relax more and takes your mind off any pressure you may be feeling on your legs, tired or fresh!

A few shots of the Gel-Luminus while wearing them

With a double half marathon weekend coming up on September 12th (Langdale half) and September 13th (Garstang half), these shoes will really be put through their paces in true racing style but up until then I've no longer road races planned, just training miles to tick over.

Overall, the Gel-Luminus is probably my favourite Asics shoe so far.  The grippy heel cushioning, lightweight feel and overall shock absorbing abilities of the shoe all add up to make the perfect long distance running shoe and I can't wait to give them some solid race time in the next couple of weeks!

#PoundTheRoad people!

A subtle message on the Asics socks, fantastic & something I firmly believe in...

again, you can use to find your nearest store for the exclusive Gel-Luminus shoe or you can always tweet me on @CalFerguson , if you want any more information 

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