Asics - Kitted Me Out - 3rd February 2015

Asics Kit Preview; Pre-Run

Hopefully you guys and girls followed my last post after I decided to revive my blog due to the Asics campaign I have recently become a part of.  I received my package today in the post and have a host of gear to try out over the coming weeks and months, all very exciting from a runners point of view!

I have been sent 2 pairs of road shoes; one aimed at longer runs and the other a more lightweight, minimal shoe, created for speed work I imagine.  I have also received a very, very comfortable pair of socks along with some shorts, a running top and a track jacket.  Some really top notch kit to test and I can't wait to get it going.

The kit collection - very blue!

As I received them this morning, I am yet to actually try any of the kit out in actual running terms but I have tried it all on and every single piece is unbelievably comfortable.  Even the 33 DFA's, which are on the left of the picture, are really comfortable, something which doesn't always happen when you wear a lighter shoe (comfort sometimes sacrificed for weight/heel drop, but not in this case!).

The 33 DFA's are available on the official Asics site -

Here are a few snaps I took of the DFA's, obviously before use;

The other pair of shoes I received, the Gel-Glorify, are exclusive to InterSport, so they actually aren't even available on the Asics website itself!  They are built based around comfort and stability a lot more than the DFA's and are obviously a little heavier, although still lightweight!!

The gel support is something Asics have really managed to perfect over the past few years and this shoe is no different.  I am really looking forward to doing 10 miles plus in these real soon, I may even race in them on Sunday morning in the Blackburn 10k.

Below are a few pictures I have taken of the Gel-Glorify shoes, again, before use on the roads;

I can definitely see these becoming my half marathon shoes, both for racing and training, just based on the amount of support that is offered from the gel structure.  I have never really purchased a shoe that has so much support to it and I don't know why.  Maybe this is a new discovery for my running?!

As for the rest of the kit, I will try that out tonight, along with one of the pairs of shoes.  Although with having a choice between another 2 new pairs, I'm yet to make my mind up on which pair to wear.  Such a dilemma to have but one that I cannot complain about...

Sneak preview to a couple of pieces of the clothing...

The blog will be back tomorrow with a few pointers on one of the pairs of shoes and some of the kit too, along with more photos of the other pieces I have received :)

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