More Injuries & Finally Some Progression - 11th August 2013

Another Injury & My New Journey Begins

After not posting for 3 weeks or so, I today decided to blog, just because I've got a few bits of news and also tomorrow my Physiotherapy journey, kind of, officially begins really.

More injuries you might be thinking.  Since my last post on July 17th, I managed to run 13.4 miles on my long Monday run which I was very proud to do.  I went my usual long route and ventured down a few unknown paths to add the extra mileage which eventually took me over the half marathon mark.  I've done quite a lot of running in my life to say I'm 23 and not a professional long distance runner or until 3/4 months ago, I hadn't concentrated on long distance running since I was really young, maybe about 8 years old when I actually ran as a hobby in competitive races and casually or as practice with my Grandad around the Darwen moors.

As you can see, I ran more than the half marathon distance (13.1 miles) so my aim to run that distance in under 2 hours was achieved, with a couple of hiccups along the way including my armband falling off on several occasions and stopping to take a few pictures in the woods without stopping my timer too!

The day after the run though I seemed to create myself a problem, medial tibial stress syndrome, or more commonly known as shin splints!  After training for around 90 minutes playing football on the Tuesday after running this distance, my shins began to ache, something which i'd never experienced before.  I did the customary RICE procedure when I got home but the days to follow brought pain like I've never felt before.  It could only be described as feeling as if my shin bones were on the verge of breaking through the front of my legs.  For anybody who doesn't know, the only real medical advice for shin splints is to rest and avoid hard surfaces, both of which I find difficult, especially the rest, as at the moment I feel like I'm on a roll and feel fitter than ever, but my previous experiences with injury taught me to be patient and to listen to medical advise, although more importantly, listen to your own body!

As for my Physiotherapy journey and progression in this field as such, I have my first hospital placement tomorrow and Tuesday which I am very much looking forward to!  I also have another one arranged for next week (20th & 21st) along with a potential volunteering post at the local MS Society, something which I was advised to do by the CSP (through the CSP website, in order to widen my work experience with different types of people).

After emailing countless clinics and hospitals, it actually feels like I am getting somewhere and finally building some form of first hand work experience in the industry, rather than just reading about Physio and attending courses/CPD events.  Obviously these are still handy and help massively but the vital thing for my University application and career planning is to build first hand work experience within the industry.

I have also started my final bits of preparation for my college course which starts on September 9th.  I've been browsing online for some reading material and all other avenues have been sorted apart from one so hopefully within the next one to two weeks this will be dealt with and everything will be prepared.

I plan on continuing to contact as many hospitals as possible along with private clinics and sports clubs to enhance and develop my experience and if anybody who reads this does know of anywhere within the North West / Blackburn or Darwen area that could potentially offer an opportunity, please get in touch, it would be gratefully received!


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