Reflecting On My Progress - 14th March 2013

Moving On & Progressing

Some of you may be wondering what made me actually begin writing my blog, it's not something I've done before online and it was pretty much out of the blue.  After a deep discussion with somebody very close to me about how I felt while I was injured, it made me realise that it would be a good idea to write about it.  This would allow me to release the remains of my ill feelings and depression while allowing others, who are in the same or similar situation, a relation point, something they could refer to and discuss, as it is something that deeply affects you psychologically, as well as obviously physically.

Personally I'm a strong minded individual, not many things get to me and I am very difficult to annoy and frustrate, it takes a lot for my mind to be effected by something unless I have the desire to let it, which in most cases I don't.  But this was something I'd never experienced and it got to me badly, but as well as being strong minded, I do keep a lot of things to myself, I'm a very private person, so this situation wasn't ideal.  It was only a week before my blog started that I actually spoke to somebody, who's opinion means a lot to me,  about how it made me feel and what it actually did to me mentally and it made me realise that I need to speak out about how I felt and share my experience, along with a little verbal encouragement, this made me then start writing :)

But, as many people say, everything happens for a reason and I believe this event put me on track for various things in my life to change.  Since my recovery I had began researching into Physiotherapy and even though I have already been to University once over, I am currently pursuing the idea of studying an Honours degree in Physiotherapy and maybe even a Masters, who knows.  I have applied for a Science access course which takes one academic year to complete at a local college and will then allow me to go on to study Physiotherapy at university, something I am now passionate about doing. Before my injury I had no real or conclusive idea of what career path I wanted to take, hence the reason I studied Business, as it provided me with a wide range of skills development while being a degree level subject I was quite good at.

I did question my motives behind studying Business a few times, mainly when people always presumed I did something sport related, when it was quite the opposite, but for some reason I never pursued the idea of studying some sports related and I still don't know why but now I have the chance to change it and I'm more than motivated to do that, starting in September 2013.

Physio Calvin Ferguson, Coming To A Stadium Near You Soon!

I'll probably be forever in a debt of thanks to a certain person for making me realise what I really should be doing and I'm the kind of person who would thank somebody until they told me to stop, but even then I'd still think to myself that I owe them a lifetime of thanks.

On the physical activity side of things, my football and fitness is beginning to take shape, well, resembling something of it's former self, pre-injury!  Our scheduled cup quarter final was cancelled and we have been put through to the semi finals, giving us a great opportunity to put ourselves in a potential cup winning position.  After missing out last year, as I have mentioned previously, I am more than motivated to try and get the lads into the final and win it, I want to be parading the cup round with the boys after another 2 sets of 90 minutes, I don't think I can describe how happy that would make me, it would make all the hard work worthwhile, and I may even treat myself to an alcoholic beverage, something I've hardly done in 2013.

Last Seasons Silverware, Unfortunately One I Didn't Get My Hands On

So, we have a date of April 20th for the cup semi final and hopefully it'll be a one week late birthday celebration and we will hopefully be preparing for a cup final a few weeks later, here's to hoping!

One last thing, I would like to thank that very close person in my life for making me realise things that I otherwise wouldn't have done, they know who they are and they know how thankful I am and hopefully they will see how much it means to me in the near future, along with a picture of my cheesy grin holding a trophy ;)


  1. As an athlete, I understand the frustration you felt throughout the ordeal. It's hard to accept that you can only do so much when you know what you used to be capable of. It was a great idea to start writing, and I enjoyed reading about your progress. It's also great to see that you took away something very positive through your injury and recovery. I'm sure the people you help with the degree you're looking to earn will learn a lot from you. :)


    1. Thanks, it's good to know that people are keeping up with my progress. It was frustrating but I'm using that to push me on to better things rather than letting it bring me down, hope you continue reading :)


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