Summer Starting With Savage - 29th April 2013

Robbie Savage & The 6K

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will have seen that this past week, on April 25th to be exact, I spent a few hours with Robbie Savage in Heaton Park, Manchester, taking part in a 5K run as a competition prize courtesy of and New Balance.  As regular blog readers will know, I run over 5K on a weekly basis anyway so I was basically already prepared for the length of the race, until I actually participated and found out it amounted to 6K with quite a bit of the course being up hill too!

This obviously provided a bit more of a challenge than the usual quite flat 5.2K I run but with other people running it along side me, I always feel that bit more energetic as my competitive side comes out.  The weather was cold and it took a good 10 minute, professional warm up/dance to get things going before the race actually started.

Having A Laugh & Joke With Robbie, Had To Mention Strictly Come Dancing At Some Point!

My main aim was to try and keep Robbie in my sight's throughout the race.  Obviously he was going to be fitter than me but I would have been happy to keep him in my view for the full race and it was only up until the last 1/4 of a mile that I lost him!  On another day, given more time to have prepared myself, I would have loved to have beaten him but I had to be realistic and I thought to myself "this time 9 months ago I struggled running 2 miles, never mind nearly 3.8 which I was currently running" so as long as I didn't finish in the bottom few I was happy.  Saying that, I finished 8th out of around 30/35 runners which I was more than happy with plus finishing around 1 1/2 to 2 minutes (I think!!) behind Robbie wasn't bad either!

Robbie & Me Before The Race

.....And After

So, overall, the event was really well organised and it was good to meet such a down to earth guy in Robbie Savage, he was always open to photo opportunities and more than happy to have a laugh with everybody involved, and it will be a day I won't forget in a hurry!  As well as meeting Robbie, New Balance provided free t-shirts (as pictured) and free running trainers too along with a few other things, which was brilliant of them.  The race was fun, albeit tiring and cold, and Robbie was great to have a laugh with and it was good to listen in on and watch an interview with some interesting questions thrown in there!

I intend on using the 6K to boost my 5K running times and as the football season is coming to an end, running will be more of a regular thing over the summer months for me and will hopefully help to continue my recovery and develop my fitness even further!

Robbie Signing My Shirt Post-Race


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