Physio Update, Fitness & Football - 25th June 2013

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Since my last post things have progressed steadily, in all aspects of my usual blog topics.  As of last Wednesday (June 19th) I became a qualified Emergency First Aider (thanks to the Lancashire FA for putting on the course) so I am making slow steps towards increasing my knowledge in hope of becoming a Physiotherapist in the next few years as well as enhancing my prospects of obtaining relevant work experience.

I have also, as of yesterday, completed what will hopefully be my final session of Physio for my own ongoing injury.  My runners knee condition is something that can never be "cured" as such, but it can improve to a point where there are no longer any symptoms and therefore it technically heals in a way.  This process should take a further 12 weeks hard work (and a lot of Kinesio tape) in order to strengthen my thigh to produce the symptom-less form I would prefer it finds itself in.

The Kinesio tape (or whatever brand people prefer) has worked wonders for me.  For some it may not work at all and may be seen as one of the latest "gimmicks" that are often brought into the health & fitness industry, ones that are spread around with a theory of improving some part of your health and/or fitness in one way or another, yet not actually doing anything apart from psychologically making you think they are.  But, I suppose, even if the change was only psychological, if it reduces pain and/or improves performance then why not?

Showing where the PFPS pain occurs, directly behind the Patella itself

The cost of the tape itself is much cheaper if bought in rolls.  I today received my first 2 (of what will probably be quite a few) and at £4 a roll it's a lot cheaper than paying the £7 for one set of pre-cut.  Obviously there is more hassle in cutting it yourself but if you don't have money to burn then the rolls are far cheaper and will apparently last for 7-10 uses depending on the length cut.  (If anybody wants the supplier I use then feel free to get in touch or comment on the blog and i'll let you know).

The actual term "Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome" is one I try to avoid when people ask me whats wrong with my knee, usually when they notice the taping on it but below is a diagram showing how the taping actually helps align the knee cap and therefore create a pain free experience.

Quite a few people refuse to believe that the science and methods behind a simple piece of tape across the leg and knee would relieve pain.  I guess if I hadn't experience it first hand, i'd probably refuse to believe it as well but it is a very effective method and for anyone suffering the same or similar, I would definitely recommend it.  I was told to wear a knee brace and strapping but as I still play football and plan to until I no longer physically can, I would then become a target for the more thug like players & probably end up with further injuries!

In terms of the football season, our pre-season training starts this coming Friday (28th June).  Earlier than usual but I think this will only benefit the lads and with quite a few new faces in the team we need a bit longer to get used to each others methods.  I do at the minute feel fitter than I have done for a long time & seen as I haven't stopped on my fitness work since June 2012, i'm ready and raring to go.

While i'm talking fitness, I have recently stepped up my running (about 3 weeks ago now) and started doing at least 6 miles per run while running this at least 3 times a week, often more.  My route consists of quite a lot of uphill running and is far more difficult than my previous, but I enjoy the challenge.

Although the image is too big for the blog (I usually try & keep within the border), it needed to be large to show the route clearly.  The pause point is around half way as I run to Darwen Tower and then back and as you can see from the elevation graph, it does climb quite steep at that point, and at the top of the tower itself, I'm 1227 feet above sea level, so it's pretty high up.

I plan to keep to my running routine & hopefully go further within the next 4 weeks or so.  I also have another couple of first aid courses planned within the next month as well as the open day at Salford University & hopefully the arrangement of my 2 day placement in the Physiotherapy department at Blackburn Hospital.


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