Placement Hunting & Running Unknown Paths - 17th July 2013

Placement Hunting & Running Unknown Paths - 17th July 2013

Progress has been a word that I have heard hundreds of times over the past couple of years and one that I will probably continue to hear until my injury problems clear up, and beyond, seen as I plan on becoming a Physiotherapist anyway!  I seem to have progressed at a slow rate lately, although slow progression is always better than none of course.  Firstly, my hunt for work experience and shadow placements still continues, with difficulty but I'm not anywhere near giving up.

I have my 2 day placement at the Royal Blackburn Hospital which is a solid start, as well as receiving a contact number for a local private physio clinic too.  Only 2 steps but as I've mentioned, it's 2 more than I had a few weeks ago and another couple of prospects do look positive.  I was told it is key to obtain experience in various fields to show that I am willing to work with a variety of people and not just be sports orientated or alike.

Since my last post I have completed my Level 1 FA Coaching badge (which included the Emergency First Aid yet again haha) and I also attended a 2 hour CPD with Dr. Leon Creaney, specifically focusing on foot and ankle injuries relating to football, both which I found extremely useful and informative and they will hopefully help me with my development as well as improving my chances of obtaining my place on the Physiotherapy degree course as of September next year.

As for my own injury, I am still using tape to help with alignment of my knee cap and will continue to do so for another 9 weeks or so and hopefully by then my Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) will have become symptom-less and therefore give me no pain although with things like this there is never a certainty and always a chance that the tape could be used for a longer period of time, hopefully not though.

I have continued with my trail running and my impatience with only reaching around 6/7/8 miles got the better of me last week as I ventured down paths that are relatively unknown.  I found myself running 11.62 miles in the end, over 3 miles further than I've ran since I started record my runs on Runkeeper.

Apart from feeling physically tired and having aching muscles, cardiovascular wise I felt fine and my recovery times are a lot quicker since I started running distances and I can feel it when I play football too, I find it a lot easier to be up and down the pitch and I can't wait to get some pre-season friendlies under my belt just to add to it really.

From here on in I'm hoping I can continue my fitness development while making my PFPS symptom-less and fingers crossed I will hear back from some more physio clinics regarding shadowing, although I will be emailing more and more in the near future to ensure I have more than enough experience come this time next year.

My blog writing will be slightly on hold/less frequent over the next few weeks, up until around September as I am planning on having less time to write!  I will be continuing with my fitness and football of course but my blog won't be updated as often as it has been in the past.


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