Quick Update - 26th January 2014

Quick Update

I'm now well into my Biosciences course, only around 16 weeks left in fact and things seem to be going okay so far.  I'm enjoying most aspects of the course although some are really tough to get your head around and some days it feels like nothing is going in at all but I've no plans to give up.

My running has progressed decently since last posting.  I completed my first competitive fell race, participating in the David Staff fell race on November 24th, finishing in 49 minutes 38 seconds.  I wasn't too disappointed with my time as I had two week's before suffered a heavy ankle injury playing football and the day before I returned from that injury, playing the full 90 minutes in centre midfield, so I wasn't exactly what you would call fresh for racing!!

Since that race I've entered a 10K road race, better known as the 'Winter Warmer' to get me going a bit and the football season has continued smoothly, yesterday being the only game that has succumbed to the poor weather so far, which is very unusual for our league and the standard of playing surface.  I'm also entering the 'Roddlesworth Roller' which is in March so I've plenty of training to be getting on with as well as my football and studying, now work too.  No excuses of being bored over the next couple of months!!

In terms of University applications, I applied for the full quota of five different ones, based in Manchester, Lancashire & Yorkshire and I'm hopeful of receiving offers from the majority to be honest, although at least one offer would be great as they all offer me the same path into the career I desire.

We also had some success in our 6-a-side league which I was participating in on Thursday nights in Burnley.  We won the league quite dominantly and also got to the semi-finals of the cup, were before the semi-final itself, we hadn't even conceded a goal but a late one in that game saw us lose 2-1, after an equaliser by myself not long before.

With around seven league games left and hopefully a cup run, Greenfield are more than half way through the season already and despite the results, the majority defeats as we've not really had the same team at all this season, I've enjoyed things so far and scored six goals myself from the middle of the park, hopefully at least another four before the season finishes.

My knee has give me no further problems which is always encouraging and my injuries have been limited, by my standards anyway.  A slight Achilles twinge which is ongoing but bearable is the only problem at the moment but as it doesn't prevent me from running or playing football I can more than cope.

Hopefully another update next month, some time in February!

Thanks for reading :)


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