Blog is returning! - 29th January 2015

Return of the Blog!

As many of the previous readers will know, my blog started out as a kind of story regarding my knee injury and eventually turned in to an aid for people who had suffered the same fate, which is more than I could ever have asked for!

I have put it off for a year or so as I felt it had run its course in terms of its initial use and didn't want to drag it on more than it needed to be.  But since my first fell race, which I blogged about in a previous post, I have competed in the same race again since, as well as completing numerous 10K's along with fell races, trail races and other road races.

My enjoyment for running has grown ten fold and I actually enjoy this a lot more than playing football these days...Something I myself, and everyone who knows me, never thought I would say!!!

I am now a full fledged member of a running club, Darwen Dashers, as they are known.  A club I had connections with as a child but only since November 2014 did I choose to rekindle my membership there and plunge myself in to the more competitive side of running.  My running itself has improved massively since I joined up, with my 10K time dropping from 52:02 (Great Manchester Run, 2014) to 47:21 at the Ribble Valley 10K in late December and now down to 46:11 at the recent Welcome Tavern 10K near Preston.

My first official race as a Darwen Dasher - David Staff Memorial Fell Race, November 2014

My plans for the year are basically to keep developing myself and improving my times, as well as my endurance, as I want to get myself round at least 3 half marathons before the end of 2015, with plans to complete at least 1 marathon by the end of 2016.

I have been utilising the experience of a few of the clubs runners, some of which, back in their day, really were top class athletes on the verge of being professional.  So as you can imagine, any tips or advice that they can give me, I take on board, no doubt about it.

Racing at Garstang 10K.  No PB on this day but it was a 3 race weekend!

Along with my improvements of time, my mileage is now a lot more consistent.  For example, last week, from Sunday to Sunday, I ran around 64 miles, including races.  I have competed in several 3 race weekends, all of which I have enjoyed and they definitely helped me to sleep at night!!  These did include the terrific Park run's, which I personally utilise as a way of improving my speed as I now rarely ever run under 6/7/8 miles in training or races so this helps me out on a Saturday morning.

I have decided to revive my blog due to my upcoming campaign in partnership with Asics and The Running Bug.  I was lucky enough to be picked to represent Asics by The Running Bug ( check them out at ) and from Monday February 2nd, I will be trialling a couple of different pairs of Asics shoes, one for long distance runs and one for another type of running (TBC).

Anyway, I hope to have a few new readers and hopefully some of the previous blog viewers back on board to follow my little journey with Asics and then who knows where I will end up! :)

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Plenty of snow around these parts lately.  Taken on an early Sunday morning run at Darwen Tower


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