ashmei merino wool & carbon trail running socks

ashmei have cracked it.

The best & most comfortable running socks, or any type of sock in fact, that I have worn to date.  I've ran nearly 40 miles in them since ashmei kindly donated a pair to us ambassadors on Saturday morning and they honestly still feel & look like, brand new!

As soon as you feel them you can just tell they will be quality, but, as we all know, some things feel good in hand but don't quite do the job you want them to.  I can't say that for this bit of kit though, they do exactly what they promise on the labelling.

As I mentioned, I've ran nearly 40 miles in them already including every type of terrain you can imagine apart from snow!  I've tested them on the roads - flat, up hill and down hill as well as at a casual speed and a race pace.  I've ran up to Darwen tower in them on the trails and I made sure I crossed muddy fields and fells in them.  You can never test something too much can you?  Well, only up until breaking point anyway...and these socks are showing no signs of getting there any time soon!

post run pics: top left - Monday; top right - Tuesday & bottom row - Wednesday

I gave them the real test on Wednesday night however.  They'd done a 5+ miles with the rest of the ashmei ambassador hopefuls on Saturday morning, a 10 mile run including 20 hill sprint reps on Monday, 10 mile fast paced road run on Tuesday and an all terrain, (nearly) all conditions 11.5 mile run, taking in the best parts of Darwen's moor land.

looking on towards the tower before the final climb, just ploughed through the muddy field

I headed up aiming for the tower before dark set in and just about made it with visibility still intact without a head torch.  No blisters, no slipping, no smells, no sweat and no moisture at all...they're doing everything they promise on the label they came attached to.  What more can you ask for in a pair of socks?!

Despite my reservations in using socks that had white on them for mainly off road running, they haven't even become discoloured yet, even with me being the master of finding the deepest puddles and the most uneven flag stones which are holding 12 months worth of water beneath them.  I am, as you can tell, very impressed!

Darwen tower in all it's glory (aided with unintentional light from a mountain biker)

The views from the tower are spectacular on a clear day, on most days actually, to be honest, but in the dark and only armed with an iPhone (other mobile phones are available), I couldn't really get a panoramic of decent quality...I did try but you can't see much so didn't bother putting the pics on here.  When you get to the tower you are approximately at an altitude of 1,227 ft (374m) and the tower itself stands at 85 feet (26m).  My run tonight climbed around 1,150 feet so it's a really, really good training run for getting some climb in the legs and lungs.

we (me & the socks) made it in one piece, just before it became pitch black

So, overall, I can say they are a must buy to be honest.  People will think I'm obviously bound to say this after the weekend but I wouldn't write a review without anything but honesty as I don't see the point.  It would be of no benefit to me or ashmei if I just lied about their product and I think they would find it helpful if I did actually pinpoint a fault, but, that I haven't managed to do!

And, finally, just to top it off, when I got back from the said run, I had a few emails, mainly junk...but, one that did amuse me considering what I was about to write about.  I am heading over to Event City in Manchester on Saturday for the Run Expo and the ashmei gang are also going to be there for the full weekend.  To my delight I will be picking up another pair of socks after winning them via their competition.

If anybody is interested in the socks or ashmei in general, I am more than willing to answer any questions from my experiences so far and I'm sure the ashmei staff would be too.  You can contact them at the follow accounts listed below;

Twitter - @CalFerguson or @ashmei for their official account

Instagram - @CalFerguson or @ashmei_sportswear 

website -

sock link -


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